Kutemwa Foundation, Inc.
Empowering communites in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sponsoring a Secondary School Student

Upon graduation from PaKachele Primary School, which currently can only offer schooling up to Grade 7, many students qualify for Secondary Education but due to a variety of factors cannot attend. By sponsoring a student to attend Secondary School you will help to pay their school and exam fees, and make higher education a possibility.

The cost of sponsoring a child for a secondary education is approximately $150 - $200 a year. Whether you pay the full amount or just a portion, your donation will make a difference!

Sponsored Students Giving Back
Students who recieve sponsorship through the Kutemwa Foundation make a commitment to give back to their community in the form of mentoring and advising younger students. Sponsored students sign a contract with the organization, and each month are held accountable for a set amount of hours to spend with these younger students. As these students often come from similar situations, our sponsees will serve as accessible role models and mentors.

Sponsoring a Student for Higher Education

There are several different universities in Zambia for students to pursue higher education, although paying the tuition fees is not feasible for the majority of the population. The fees vary by university, but generally range between $250 -$1000 per semester.